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Parota Maida Hotel King

Packaged in : 10Kg, 50 Kg
Suggestions for use: Parota Maida Nutrients for 100 grams

A parotta, porotta or barotta is a layered flatbread made from maida flour, from the culinary tradition of southern India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This bread has its roots in the north Indian paratha, and the preparation style is similar to Mughlai paratha, with small variations. Parottas are usually available as street food [1] and in restaurants across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka. At some places it is also served at weddings, religious festivals and feasts. It is prepared by kneading maida, egg (in some recipes), oil or ghee and water. The dough is beaten into thin layers and later forming a round spiralled into a ball using these thin layers. The ball is rolled flat and roasted



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